Euro Remi Bodywave Machine Weft 14 Inches

Euro Remi Bodywave Machine Weft 14 Inches
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Price: $275.00




HAIR: 100% Human Hair - European Cuticle Direction Remi
WEFT: Regular Weft
WEIGHT: 1/4 Pound

Great body! Soft, fine, silky texture with a hint of body. The waves will straighten out and you will have baby soft hair that can be curled or worn fairly straight. This hair is loose body and not curly.

*CUTICLE DIRECTION - Cuticles in each strand of hair are aligned in the same direction. 

*TANGLE FREE - Because the cuticles are in one direction the hair does not tangle and lasts longer than any other on the market.

*SHED FREE - Special sewing secures the weft and prevents it from shedding.

*VIRGIN REMI - Highest grade of human hair. Only 1 percent of the hair gathered is used for our Remi hair. Only the finest hand picked healthy virgin hair is used.

*SHINE & LUSTER - Natural shine and luster is retained because of the cuticle direction.

*SECRET PROCESSING - Done by hand in small batches. No high heating ovens that dry the hair are used. All natural food grade ingredients are used and not harsh chemicals like acid.

*LONGEVITY - Lasts longer than any other hair because of the high quality.



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