Human Hair Extensions by Glamour Hair

World's best human hair extensions - Finest hair available on the market today!


After the initial selection process, we re-inspect the selected strands of hair to ensure only the best strands were selected. Also, we check that each strand of hair lies from root to tip.
All bundles of raw hair are brushed out and inspected.
Since the quality of raw materials used is the most important in manufacturing the best hair, we begin by selecting only the best strands from the remi braids.
All hair is the machine wefted or hand tied.
After going through many quality control inspections, you can see we have the best human hair available in the market.

Glamourhair.com's top-selling extensions are undeniably the BEST and "THE" #1 online source for high quality 100% human hair extensions. We thoroughly test and sell only products with the highest quality and integrity. We do the shopping for you!

Shopping on the internet for hair can be overwhelming. There are so many different brands, prices, qualities of hair and processing. Many companies are making claims their hair cannot live up to and use words like words like European, remi cuticle and virgin and the hair is not.

We start with highest quality virgin human hair available, the hair is sectioned and allowed to fall into its natural growing pattern. The hair is then cut and carefully sewn to maintain the natural cuticle direction so matting and tangling are virtually eliminated.

Our secret processing is done by hand, in small batches and with no machinery. All natural food grade ingredients are used and not harsh chemicals like acid. We do not use high heating ovens that dry hair. Only 1 percent of the hair gathered is used for our Remi hair. Our wefting is very tightly sewn for less shedding. Making the end result the finest quality hair available on the market today.

Before special Glamour Hair processing.

After special Glamour Hair processing.

The finest virgin hair and special processing will cost more and is worth the investment. With human hair you get what you pay for. The rising demand for human hair extensions is at an all time high especially with celebrities bringing them to the forefront. Due to these demands there is limited supply and raw human hair manufacturers are increasing their prices. The finest human hair is a luxury item and the price tag will reflect that. It is a hot commodity like, gold, oil and diamonds.

Our company has years of expertise with human hair and we have licensed extension experts on staff to help you. Glamour Hair has been in the beauty industry specializing in hair extensions and replacement for over 24 years. 14 of these years we have been selling online on our website. That's right Glamour Hair is 14 years old! Glamour Hair was a pioneer being one of the very first hair companies selling extensions on the internet being the model for the extension companies you see now. Very often being imitated and copied. We are proud to be serving our faithful existing and new customers. Glamour Hair is also very proud to be located in The United States of America and we only ship and cater to U.S. customers. There are many hair companies right now waving the U.S. flag on their websites, yet their hair is being shipped to customers from overseas and they are hard to contact. This is not the case with Glamour Hair.   

We offer all the things that are important to you. Our Remi hair is soft yet resilient, long lasting and lays beautifully. It is the Rolls Royce of hair. No surprises or disappointments :)

Are you tired of dry tangled hair extensions and spending money on hair that won't last then you have come to the right place. Choose the hair trusted by top salons and stylists nationwide.

Thank you for your trust in Glamour Hair.