U.S.A. company, located in America! I love that about Glamour Hair. Not sure what's going, but when I shop online for hair extensions now all these foreign companies are selling hair. Scary!!!! Big mistake. I tried one of these other companies one time, my hair shipped from China, took forever to get here and I can't get ahold of anyone because they aren't even in the U.S.! I'm supporting American companies. Thanks GH!

- Sarah C. 

Thanks to you, I just received my new hair and I can once again go out and hold my head high! The hair is the best quality I have had in years!


I've been wearing extensions for last 5 years, in the beginning the hair was gorgeous, but lately I wasn't so lucky. For the last year or so I've been suffering from bad hair, it's been a "bad hair year" hahaha ... I was thinking about giving up my extension addiction completely until... I found Glamour Hair!!! I ordered and received it extremely fast by just choosing regular delivery...for free! When I got the hair it looked GOOORGEEOOUUS!!! I ordered hand tied bodywave blonde hair, had it applied, looked amazing, but I was afraid to wash it for a week, thanks to my previous experience, but I finally washed it, and it's still amazing!!! it DOESN'T TANGLE!!! thank you so much!!! my life got brighter again :) and the reason I'm on this site again, because I'm ordering another set of the same hair, just want to have it more cause it's SOOOO good! Thank you again!

-Oxsana B.

I received my order this last week and it was definitely worth the wait. The hair is so much like my own hair in texture and color. My stylist couldn't believe how much like my own hair it is and said she couldn't even feel a difference between the two - the best match she has ever worked with. So thank you! I really appreciate all your efforts.


I know people always write when something is wrong but I just have to tell you what is right. I have ordered quite a few packages of hair from your company. I have had more compliments on my hair recently and I have a ton of hair on my head, in this case more is better. The best thing is the wonderful quality of your hair and it does not shed as much as the other hair I was getting from my hairdresser, which by the way was twice the price. My hairdresser was so impressed she contacted you too. I must admit, you make me look good, thanks for the tremendous quality product. I look forward to doing business in the future (I am a bit obsessive about my hair!)

-Linda W.

I love this product. It's so easy to apply. About 5 years ago due to a thyroid disease I starting losing my hair fairly quickly. We tried every application and nothing was comfortable, affordable or even looked genuine. We found this site through much research and voila. I have hair!!! My husband (who drove a truck for a living) has even gotten the knack down, so on days that I don't have the strength to do it, he does my hair (!). Thank you so much for putting an awesome product out there. Every time someone asks I tell them you've got to go to glamour hair, no one beats their prices, their quality, their supply and their turnaround time. A truly grateful customer.

-Amanda B

I recently purchased the EasiXtend human hair clip in extensions.  I have to say how absolutely thrilled I am with the product - they are easy to put on, and the color match is fabulous - notable because I'm a redhead and it's very, very hard to get a good color match, especially because my color naturally lightens during the summer months.  My stylist is going to do a little work to trim them up just a littlle bit, and then we're going to order another set in the 613 color so we'll be able to match my fall color exactly.  Fantastic product, great customer service and fast shipping!

-Eva B

I just wanted to tell you that I've had my extensions in almost a week now and I'm absolutely amazed how real they look. I've attended two holiday gatherings and nobody had a clue! I am 100% satisfied, they're great. Thanks so much.

-Jamie S.

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE these extensions. They are so easy to use, they look so natural and I feel like a different person when I put them on. I got to the point where I hated my damaged hair so much, these extensions finally made me feel better about my hair. They only take about 2 minutes to put in. I love the convenience and the fact that they don't destroy my hair like salon extensions. You saved me!!! I get a lot of compliments and I tell everyone (who knows I didn't grow long hair overnight) where I got them. Thank you for making such an excellent product!!

-Caryn D.

I just wanted to let you know I got my Revolution hair yesterday and was nervous to open it because I have been so disapointed with my other extension orders. BUT I am so happy with this hair. It doesn't compare. I am in heaven. I feel and look like Stevie Nicks today!!!! Its beautiful!!!!!!!! I will be ordering more again soon I hope..Thank you so very very much!!!!!!!!

-Tara R.

I absolutely LOVE the hair, it is so silky, I finally found hair that looks and feels like my own. I have always had board straight hair, I have found that it has been a challenge to match my own hair texture, I always fumbled with straightening irons on all the other hair I have purchased because its texture just didnt quite match ( very coarse).  This is the VERY BEST hair I have ever recieved, from the texture to the very natural colors, perfect match, not brassy or ashy at all. Thank you sooo much, I will definately be an ongoing customer. Every single strand of your Glamour hair is the same length, this is QUALITY hair.  Even the weft, it is so small and thin, unlike others that were three times the size. It reminds me of the hand tied except on a weft.  I am so happy I just cant tell you how much I love this hair, I am very excited to have it placed!!!!!   Your prices are also the best ever! Thank you to everyone at Glamour Hair that treated me so kindly as a new customer, you also have the best customer service team.... I could go on and on!!


Wow, these clip on hair extensions are wonderful. I ordered a set in golden blond, matched my hair exactly. I have tried other brands but no comparison. The others look really yucky after awhile. These look like new every time I wear them. I am a mother of three and my last pregnancy really took a toll on me. My usual thick hair is now thin. These make me feel more confident when I go out on the town with my husband. Thanks for a great product!


I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you for your excellent service and excellent products. I have searched all over the world for long blonde extensions that were tangle free and at a reasonable price and glamour hair is the only place that has met my expectations time and time again.

-Joanna Davis .

I bought less expensive hair and was so disappointed. Then I bought your hair. I love it. Thank you. I look so natural. SUPER MODELS LOOK OUT!

-Nicole S. Phoenix, Arizona

I save money buying the better quality hair; it lasts longer and looks better.

-Genny D. Knoxville, Tennessee

I bought inexpensive hair but it dried out so fast that in the long run it cost me more. I should have bought the good hair in the first place. - Barbara G. Reno, Nevada

I have been wearing extensions for years and your hair is the best!

-Gracie B. Newport Beach, California

I wanted my hair to look soft and natural like the movies stars. Your hair is the best hair and I loved the wholesale price. Now I look like a star!

-Amanda P. New York

Your website is so fun and I have learned so much about extensions. Thank you!

-Brooke P. Las Vegas, Nevada

I am new to the islands and all the women here have such thick beautiful hair. Mine is so thin. I bought your hair and love it. I am now an island beauty.

-Rachael C . Hawaii