Simplicity Human Hair Grafts - 8-10" 12 pieces

Simplicity Human Hair Grafts - 8-10" 12 pieces
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  • Seamless Blending: About a quarter the density of standard Simplicity Extensions, Simplicity Grafts owe their effectiveness to revolutionary adhesive technology and scalloped edges, two innovations which make hair graft extensions fasten securely and blend seamlessly from the hairline to the crown adding volume and fullness to fine or thinning hair.

  • Amazing Comfort: Simplicity Hair Grafts are ventilated (hand tied) into a polyurethane strip that utilizes a revolutionary Comfort Grip adhesive technology that binds securely and easily to the client’s natural hair…no more tension headaches or pulling on clients hair.

  • Options for Mature Clients: In addition to the Simplicity Hair Extensions extensive color pallet, Simplicity Hair Grafts offer 6 additional grey shades that are ideal for mature clients with fine or thinning hair who want to win back their density and blend it in with their natural hair color.

  • Under An Hour: Simplicity Graft Extensions can be added on a lunch break – in under an hour, your client has a voluminous new style.

  • Cost Effective: Simplicity Hair Grafts are cost effective for you and your client and come 12 to a pack.
  • Easy to Remove: Simplicity Extensions are gently on hair, and removal is as easy as applying a gentle remover to each extension and then slipping it off the end of the natural hair.

  • Natural Looking: All Simplicity Hair Extensions are made of the highest quality, 100% human hair for a natural look and feel.

  • No Limits: Simplicity Hair Grafts allow you to create everything from luxurious lift to flattering fringe.
  • Change your client’s hairstyle without commitment –  choose from the many different types of bangs available: short, choppy, long, regular, fringe, or side swept
  • Instant volume and fullness for clients who have always wanted greater density, bangs or fringe, but are unable to attain it naturally
  • Uniquely designed in a V-shape that creates a more voluminous look, giving clients more options when traditional extensions are unable to complete the look
  • Fast application – transformation on a lunch break!
  • No damage to the natural hair
  • Easy to self style
  • Commitment free color and highlights
  • Saves them time and money
  • Hair extensions, so comfortable she’ll forget she is wearing them.

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